NOS is announcing the availability of their new CrossHair™ carbureted nitrous plate kits. They’re available for standard square flange carbs, P/N 02153NOS and for Dominator® flange carbs, P/N 02154NOS.

The new CrossHair systems were developed with the serious racer in mind and are capable of adding 350+ additional horsepower. “Double Down” spray bars are cris-crossed in the plate to deliver a wide spray pattern plus improved distribution and atomization of the fuel and nitrous. Fuel is delivered at a 37 degree angle while the nitrous is delivered at a 35 degree angle sheering the fuel for improved atomization. This spray pattern makes it good for all intake designs, especially the complex intake designs of today.

The kits also come with the latest track tested tune-ups to assure optimum air/fuel ratios for each horsepower level. The kits come with an “Electric Blue” anodized plate, new improved solenoids, jetting and plumbing hardware. Electrical and Bottle kits are available separately to allow users to build custom kit combinations.