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What's the Fuel Prime Percent a percent of? Currently using 100% for the Fuel Prime, although I'm not sure what it is 100% of.
This is clearly answered in the instructions. See below.

EFI Software Help Information/Instructions:
‒ On the top Toolbar, click "Help" & "Contents". This opens all Help topics.
‒ When navigating the software, click "Help ?", drag it to any parameter and click again.
..This automatically opens the definitions for that specific parameter.
‒ Tuning information can be read by clicking the F1 key, when you're viewing any screen.

As for starting without an IAC, do you have any recommendations for settings?
If your throttle body doesn't have an IAC valve, you can purchase a Holley 543-122 remote IAC valve assembly that uses a Holley 543-105 IAC motor. It functions perfectly.
Without an IAC valve, you'll adjust the idle speed screw to the desired hot idle RPM speed in gear/neutral. Then you'll only tune the fuel side of the various starting parameters.