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Thread: old 3 barrel / Buick freak......

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    DocModisett Guest

    Default old 3 barrel / Buick freak......

    Yep , the lead in says it all..... I am 68 years old,,,, not ''68 years young'' as the pc folks like to say,,,,, Mostly I love nailhead buicks and holley 3 barrel carbs, heck, any holley carb.... I have a 64 Buick Riv. that I show,,,, a 65 Skylark Gran Sport that I am building [forever].... and 3 of the holley 3 barrel carbs, a 950cfm and 2 of the 1050 cfm s.... the Riv has a 425 nailhead and the GS has a 410 cu. in. super wildcat engine that has a 1050 cfm 3 barrel instead of the 2x4's the factory put on the supercat engine.... and naturally the air cleaners are ''redneck ram airs''.....

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    macx Guest


    Howdy! Newbie here, too, altho also not in years. You got 4 yrs on me is all.

    Anyway, most folks raise their eyebrows when someone mentions a 3 bbl Holley.
    I had one of the 950 units I put on a 67 Camaro SS 375 hp 396 along with an open plenum
    L-88 intake.

    I was still fairly new to hot rods at the time so didn't know a lot about esp Holley carbs -
    but a friend helped me set it up and boy did that 3bbl & L88 intake ever wake that 396 up
    over about 3500 or 4000 rpm! Rev'd like a strong small block.

    And below those rpms I couldn't tell any driveability difference from the stock 780 (if I recall)

    As far as Buicks go, one day I tanged with an old guy in a Riveria GS with the 2x4 motor.
    That thing was a beast off the line up to around 50 or so (this was in Minneapolis on a
    45 mph one way street). I had to row that Camaro pretty vigorously to catch him after
    he blew me away at the stoplite, even with my 3.73's and 10" tires! Boy talk about
    a S eating grin on that oldster's face!
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    DocModisett Guest


    Yep, I know what you mean,,,, i had a 64 skylark with a 401, 3 bbl. cold air pkg, 4.11 gears and a switch pitch th400 trans....
    the car had no fancy wheels, no fancy paint, just wider tires and a raked stance.... raced a bunch of 396/427 chevys, 440 chrysler cars, 428 cobra jet Fords.... the only things that beat it was a 440 6pk Dodge challenger and a 57 chevy that some kid home from the military had.....

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