The other day I bought an HP EFI retrofit kit for my 56 Ford 2dr sedan. I have a 460, Vic Jr, TFS 290 heads and a Lentech AOD I will be installing as soon as I get my manifold bungs installed. I am sure I will have plenty of EFI questions so I figured I better join the forum. Years ago I did an EFI swap using EEC IV components but this will be my first aftermarket unit. I've been thinking of getting the new TFS manifold as it has enough aluminum cast in for bungs. By the time I sell my Vic Jr I would not be out much $$.

I've been reading some of the threads here already and I am glad to see Danny offers a lot of tech here. He pops in every now and then on the BBF sites I go to.

Here is a picture of old blue when I bought it.

And a shot of my 460. It is pretty grungy at the moment.