i recently took off my holley 7188 2 barrell carb to a local carb shop for a rebuild. after i got it back & re-installed the carb, the engine starts up fine and idles fine, but once i put it into drive(automatic) and start pressing down on the accelerator, it will start to hesitate and then stall if i continue to press down.
the vehicle is an RV that used to be a 76 Dodge B300 (360, 5.9l) van. i put in a new distributor cap, cables & spark plugs last year as well as i replaced the fuel filter. the fuel pump seems to be operating properly and there do not appear to be any leaks from the fuel line(or anywhere under the RV for that matter).
does anyone have an idea on what the issue could be? i'd hate to have to spend all this money to have it towed to a mechanic and then it end up being something simple i could have fixed myself.

any help is appreciated.