I was hoping generate some discussion on the Truck Avenger carbs with some folks in the know on these units. So far I have had good luck with my 670 on the 318 in my '1970 Dodge Power Wagon with 4.10's and 31" tires.

I guess the best way to start would be a little history. Feb 2010:
I was sick and tired of my 650DP (build out of spare parts in my shop) pouring fuel out of the boosters and bowl vents every time I hit a bump in the road. It would cause the engine to stall and adding spring loaded needle and seat assemblies did not help enough to live with the problems we were having.

I ordered my new 670 cfm Truck Avenger and slapped it on box-stock with 68Pri/89sec 8.5 power valve/28 discharge nozzle. I left the timing at 18 initial/38 total all in by 2600 RPM. I find that running a bit more initial helps the idle quality (~700 RPM) with mild cam and Holley Street Dominator intake manifold. I know...a single plane intake on a truck??? Well that's the only 4 barrel intake we had when I went through the engine so it is what it is. To help it along I added a 1" 4-hole spacer.

Whew...that was quite a bit of information for you folks. I'll throw up a pic or two while you digest it all.
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