I have an MSD "ready to run" distributor. It has a 3 pin connector. +12v, ground, and "trigger".
The trigger was normally intended to go right to a MSD-6 or an ignition coil.

I currently have the trigger from my MSD running to 950 and the MSD6 box. This generates a spark and the 950 runs and the car starts/etc/etc.

However, the 950 is not yet controlling the timing.

The trigger output from the ready-to-run distributor is a short +12V pulse (measured on an oscilloscope).

Can I use this to feed the 950 in "hall sensor mode"? What I'd like to do is take the trigger from my distributor, connect it to the yellow/black, and put the 950 into "hall effect trigger mode". Then the white from the 950 should be able to go right to MSD6 box (per figure 84) in the manual.

This should work, since a hall sensor will really just make a small digital pulse anyway, which is basically what I am getting from the ready-to-run distributor.

what is the a max voltage limit on the yellow/black input? Can it accept a 12v pulse? If not, I can divide it down. What about current limit for source/sink? I suppose I can put a 1K resistor in series to have some current limit effect.

Please let me know if anyway has thoughts on this.