There may be issues with customers with HP or Avenger ECU's that are NOT controlling timing and using the tach output from the CD ignition box.
If you have a problem it will manifest itself by having the injectors "click/spray" when you have the ignition on and the engine off.

The problem is if the following is selected:
- If the HP or Dominator software is being used and the following is selected for the “Ignition Type” – “CD Box Tach Output or any 12V Square Wave (No Timing Control)
- If an Avenger system is used and “CD Box Tach Out” is selected for the RPM signal input.

The fix for this is a firmware update to version 311 or greater.

This version can be downloaded here:

If you have an Avenger, the firmware can be loaded to the SD card and loaded as follows:

1) Load the firmware file onto the micro SD card (you need a SD card reader)
2) From the Main Menu select “FILE”
3) Select “ECU”
4) Select “Update Firmware”
5) Select the firmware file. In this case it will be “HEFI_0311.eep
6) It will ask to load file, select “YES”
7) The firmware will be updated.

If you can't do this, contact myself and I'll send you an SD card with this file.