There may be issues with customers with HP or Avenger ECUs that are NOT controlling timing and using the tach output from the CD ignition box.
If you have a problem it will manifest itself by having the injectors "click/spray" when you have the ignition on and the engine off.

The problem is if the following is selected:
- If the HP or Dominator software is being used and the following is selected for the “Ignition Type” – “CD Box Tach Output or any 12V Square Wave (No Timing Control)
- If an Avenger system is used and “CD Box Tach Out” is selected for the RPM signal input.

The fix for this is a firmware update to version 311 or greater. This version can be downloaded here:

If you have an Avenger, the firmware can be loaded to the SD card and loaded as follows:
1) Load the firmware file onto the micro SD card (you need a SD card reader).
2) From the Main Menu select “FILE”.
3) Select “ECU”.
4) Select “Update Firmware”.
5) Select the firmware file. In this case it will be “HEFI_0311.eep.
6) It will ask to load file, select “YES”.
7) The firmware will be updated.
If you can't do this, contact myself and I'll send you an SD card with this file.