I bought a used 1st gen system a couple of years ago, have had it setting on the shelf for awhile waiting for the "right project". So about 2 months ago I installed it, and it worked great, no problems. I've put about 500 miles on it and no complaints, everything has been fine so far.
So today while driving it, it started sputtering, trying to die. If you give it full throttle it will run fine, soon as you let off it dies. I nursed it home, and watching it in the driveway you can see the injectors give plenty of fuel at WOT, but very little (not even enough to idle) unless it's at WOT. My guess is the throttle position sensor is bad. Any suggestions? Any help would be great. This is a 390 Ford in a 71 SWB 2WD truck. I love driving it at full throttle, but it's not as much fun when you HAVE to!