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Thread: Erratic sensor readings on 5.7" display.

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    Default Erratic sensor readings on 5.7" display.

    Hello all. I finally was able to figure out how to post a video of my issue (hopefully it works). This will happen once in a blue moon and then just stop. It won't happen again for months and the car runs great then rears its ugly head out of the blue. This happens with the key just in the on position (when video was taken) or with the car running. The car also acts erratic when this happens while it's running, the fans turn on & off with the erratic readings, fuel pumps turn on & off and the idle gets crazy. I've had this issue when originally installing my system, but have change a few things since. Currently it's a Dominator EFI with V4 and with a 58x LSx harness and 5.7" TSLCD display. Previously it was an N/A big block with the MPFI harness. The harness was changed when going to LSx, battery changed, all new grounds plus added more, rerouted wires, and anything could think of that could remotely cause this. The only items that are the same since the beginning of the issue is the ECU, the display and the power harness. Has anyone seen this before? I'm trying to explain it the best I can so any help will be greatly appreciated, since I've only been in the EFI realm for four years. Thank you.
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    What version firmware is on the ECU? Andrew

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    Hi Andrew. I’m running V4 because of my display. If I upgrade I won't be able to use it. I'm looking into the 6.86" Pro Dash, but it’s not in my budget yet. Dave

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    I understand. Those 5.7" TSLCD displays are old. I wouldn't be surprised if it's just past its life.

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    Yeah, I thought that too. My friend first had it in his car and never had an issue. He went to a 6.86" Pro Dash, so I bought it from him. It’s crazy because it’s flawless for months, acts up for about 10 min then goes away. Saturday night is the first time it happened since the winter. I was out driving, pulled into a gas station and boom, the gremlin came back. When I plugged in my laptop to see if it was affecting other things it stopped. I know the laptop trumps the display so that might have been what happened.

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