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Thread: Another No Start

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    Sorry about that. Maybe this will work? I have a pretty old laptop and I'm having trouble getting it linked. If neither option works, let me know how to share them or I can email/share them directly to you.

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    Hopefully the links worked. I had a few minutes when I got home from work, so I reloaded my original tune and it would hit and die over & over. I raised the Cranking Fuel until it would try to run and then the After Start Enrichment % until it would start and idle somewhat.
    This is the starting point:
    This is after my changes:

    I didn't get a datalog because I didn't expect it to do anything. If the links work I'll gladly get one tomorrow.

    It was idling well and would rev decently. When I let off it died though. I did datalog that:

    Any guidance offered from how to post the link (if this wasn't correct).
    Some engine info:
    Ford 460
    Cam is Ford Motorsports. Hydraulic flat tappet.
    .214°/.224° @ .050" lift
    .410"/.536" gross
    Trick Flow 53400111 single-plane intake.
    Ford TFI distributor.
    52 lb/hr injectors.
    Aeromotive 13301 regulator.
    D0VE heads.
    Walbro GSL392-69 fuel pump.

    Seeing this also tells me I entered the wrong injector size in my initial map, I'll change that and load it tomorow.

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    @rlwolf74: Your Base Fuel Table is way off. If you view it in VE% Table you'll see that VE% in the tune drops dramatically below 800 RPM. That should not be the case. So as the RPM starts to drop, it goes leaner and leaner so quickly that CL Comp can't keep up. Also, what you ended up doing with the Cranking Fuel table and After Start Enrichment % table isn't good. I have no doubt it is flooding when you crank it and this is making your starting more challenging.

    You have a pretty cool setup with a relatively mild cam. This thing should purr like a kitten.

    If you would like assistance with the tuning, don't hesitate to email me: projectgattago at gmail dot com. Andrew
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