MSD 2-Step 8732, Coil HVC 8252, 6AL Digital 6425. I recently purchased the Digital 2-Step along with a #8252 coil and the #6425 6AL box. Installation is 100% done and complete on an 1984 Maserati Biturbo Coupe. I'm having issues with the 8732 does absolutely nothing to limit the revolutions. I've back tracked and double checked my work and everything looks fine. Some of the diagnostic troubleshooting I've done is:
1) Confirmed all pins and wires in the 6AL box are fine, solid and connected as should be.
2) I used my brake switch to trigger the unit and have also connected it straight to a battery source and with both, the LED indicator lights up.
3) I also tested without being connected to the vehicles tachometer in case it was interfering with the function and no difference.
4) I've tested the 6AL rev limiter and it works as normal.
5) Another issue is when the 8732 unit is armed with +12V to the blue wire, the tachometer jumps approximately eight times.
Does this sound like I have a bad unit? Or is there anything else I can troubleshoot? I've read numerous articles about this product not working. I wish I would have known that before purchase. There are numerous forums about how this is a regular problem that never gets resolved. Please let me know if there's anything I can do?
UPDATE: While driving, the 6AL rev limiter kicks in 1000 RPM earlier than supposed to. However, the gauge sweep indication sweeps to the user's settings. Also I believe the vehicle operates as an "Odd-Fire" V6 and I stumbled upon this while researching the 2-Step. I don't think it has a connection because the car seems to be running as normal. However, I heard you guys can program the 6AL for "Odd-Fire" for a small fee. Is this still available and how long is turn around time? Thanks!