If your vehicle is being run on the street or for extended periods of time, you should never wrap headers. We never recommend exhaust wraps because it insulates the exhaust too much and retains moisture. This causes the exhaust temperature to be raised to a level that fatigues the header material causing cracks and can also cause rusting and pitting due to the moisture retained. If you choose to use an exhaust wrap, the warranty will be void. If under hood temperatures are an issue, we recommend using Hooker’s Metallic Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating. Our coating is applied inside & out. It is corrosion and heat resistant up to 1600°F. It also reduces underhood temperatures and has a polished high luster finish. Holding exhaust temperatures inside the header increases the exhaust gas velocity producing more horsepower. You can purchase any Hooker header with our Metallic Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating by adding a -1 to the end of the part number.