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Thread: Edited post's look like run on sentences

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    Default Edited post's look like run on sentences

    This forum is one of the hardest ones to read, do to who ever is editing the posts.

    You can copy and past any edited post into a online "Run On Sentence Checker", and the results prove it.

    The edited posts, also loose the posters style of communicating their own unique spin on visually helping a reader to understand more clearly what is being posted.

    There's been around 10 to 20 times this week that I've written out a response to some ones post. Only to look at what I've written, and thought "This is going to be edited, and look like garbage". So, I just "Cancel" my reply, and think to my self "Why would a person edit this forum so badly?".

    I personally don't understand the "grammar editing".
    Just leave it alone.

    A. If the person editing it can read the post to edit it. Then everyone else should be able to read, and understand it too.

    B. English might not be the posters native language. So:
    1. Let them practice here. It might be the only place they learn from.
    2. It lets people who are going to respond to their post kind of know that they ( person replying ) should most likely "expand" on their reply. Or even give "multiple" answers to help the person understand fully what their reply is about.
    3. By replying with "It's hard to understand what you posted." The poster is given another chance to "Self Edit" their post, and possible explain why they did it the way they did.

    I do like how when someone posts about a part being used. It is edited to a link for that part.....but a couple of times, it's the wrong part number linked.....a V8 part is not the same for a V6.

    In conclusion:
    This forum is hard to read, understand, and to respond to.

    Thank you for reading this post.
    On behalf of every manufacturer, delivery drivers, supply chain representatives, and workers of the world, "We're Sorry."

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    I don't know which admin is doing it, but I have also experienced this. I have had entire sentences changed and punctuation added as well as random capitalization mid-sentence. I did my time in school, the small corrections and simultaneously added new errors do seem slightly petty and spiteful towards me. I do find it slightly frustrating to re-read what I typed, only to see that I myself no longer understand what was written because it was changed without my knowledge.

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