So I have a stock '88 Ford pushrod V8 5.0L that I'm adding a ProCharger to, and been told I should get a ignition box to retard timing when boost ramps up to protect from knock. I discovered both the MSD 6BTM and the MSD 6AL-2 programmable, and I just figured the programmable was a better deal and unit over the BTM unit, and ordered the 6AL-2P. I've now discovered that it says in the instructions to use the timing functions, I need to lock out my distributor. Is this also required to use the boost timing retarder function of the box? To me, it seems like I'm perfectly fine keeping my ECU in control of the timing as it also adjusts timing depending on air temperature sensor input, and the 6AL-2P doesn't have such a input. I don't know if I can even safely run a factory Ford EFI system with the distributor locked out in a safe manner. I'm hoping that the locked out distributor requirement is only if I want to setup my own custom timing, and that the boost retard part of this box can still be used with the distributor not locked out and timing still under control of the ECU. Or would I need to return this box and get the 6BTM unit instead? Or is it completely safe and better to lock out the distributor on my car and set my own timing?