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Thread: Blaster 2 8222 Secondary Resistance

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    Hello, this is my first post so I hope I get it right. Yesterday I bought a new MSD 8222 Epoxy filled coil to connect to my 6A CDI box. The secondary resistance is stated as being 4.5K. When I bench checked it right out of the box I found the primary to be .7, but the secondary to be 6.275K. I spoke to an MSD tech who said it’s not a problem for the 6A. The high limit for determining good from bad being 7.4K. I would think the additional resistance would have an impact on the spark, and after all it says 4.5K secondary resistance on the box. I went back to the place I bought it and they took another 8222 off the shelf, I tested it, the primary was .8, but the secondary was also 6.275K exactly the same as the one I bought the day before. I’m thinking this can’t be a coincidence it must be by design. Why then does the 8222 have 6.275K secondary resistance when the specs say it has 4.5K? The additional resistance I’m sure will degrade the spark, and if the resistance goes up by 10% when normal operating temperature is reached, it'll be near 7K.
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    That's around 61% higher (7.4K) then in the other post where MSD tech said 20% was the limit. You should get in contact with the Tech department, and get better clarification. Please post what you find. As I was going to order eight of them next week.

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    Hi. I just now returned from where I bought it. They let me test two more 8222s both came in at 6.2xx secondary, there must be a bunch of them out there. If you can go to a local speed shop that stocks them test them. I came away with an 8202 oil filled which states 4.5K secondary but tested 5,170 so I took it. I have an 8202 in my '55 Thunderbird 312 installed horizontally. I drove to the store, when I got home the coil temp was 171°F so I’m sticking with it. I read another post regarding the same issue with an 8222 reported in 2018; the tech said they have a 20% range so 4.5K x 1.2 = 5,400. Good luck.
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