Hy Guys. I'm Tim from Germany. I swapped a Chevrolet LS1 in my BMW E30 Drift Car. Here's my Setup:
Engine LS1
MSD Atomic LS EFI Kit
LS2 Intake
92mm Fueltech Throttle Body
Injectors: 12569113
Coils: 12558948
MAP Sensor: 12614970
95 Octane Fuel
Cam (LS9 Specs): Intake Duration 211°, Exhaust Duration, Valve Lift 0.562" int/0.562" exh, Lobe Separation 122.5°

Which Cam settings should I use? Stock, Mild or Performance?
Which Ignition Timing do you can recommend with this cam? What's the newest Update for the Atomic LS EFI Kit? I hope you can help me.