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Thread: High Idle With Holley Sniper

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    Default High Idle With Holley Sniper

    When I’m cruising at low speed and let off the throttle the Sniper does not return to idle. The RPM stays at about 1000-1100. If I blip the throttle it'll return to the set idle of 750 RPM. My buddy with the Sniper has the same issue except his RPM stays even higher, around 1200-1400 RPM. Anyone know what’s causing this and how to fix it?

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    There's some advice to add one more wrap on the coiled throttle shaft spring.

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    The throttle position sensor says the throttle is at zero during the high idle.

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    He meant the secondary shaft spring.

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    Is it possible you over-tightened the nuts on the base, and slightly warped the body casing the shafts to bind?

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    Thanks. With that information I was able to search the forum and find other threads talking about this problem. Seems that the secondary butterflies slightly rub the throttle body preventing them to fully close. I’m going to check that.

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    High idle speed means the engine is getting air. Could be user error (missing gasket, unplugged vacuum line) or parts failure (gasket failure, PCV stuck open, vacuum line cracked) or it can be caused by the Sniper (stuck IAC, stuck throttle, secondaries not adjusted). Lots of possible answers.

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    My Plymouth was idling high and would not come down until I hit the throttle. The secondary spring was not strong enough and secondaries were sticking. Tried to add another coil on the spring with great difficulty. Ended up pulling on the end of spring and bending it on the support bracket enough to solve the problem.
    I'm not sure if the spring gets weak after extended use. Holley should use a better spring or offer a heavy duty spring that applies more pressure on the secondaries.

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