Hey guys new to here/new to EFI. First, I have a Terminator X 4150 TBI system with a Dual Sync distributor on 318 Chrysler in a Dart. I called Holley and they said to select the Sniper HyperSpark on the initial startup. Kinda confused on that seeing it’s the Dual Sync setup. It was running like complete crap spitting and popping through throttle body and exhaust after 1500 RPM. Had my buddy over with the laptop adjusting things and still had a spit & pop. Engine was really lazy and getting hot. I did my own investigation and did the Cranking Timing setting. It was not set correctly according to the timing light. Cranking value is set at 15° according to ECU so I turned the distributor till my timing light said 15° while cranking on balancer. It started back up a different car!
Now it idles and a bit more responsive throttle with no pop. The handheld doesn’t match the timing light while idling though. I’m not sure if he has something turned off in there just to get it to run from before, but I need to make sure timing is accurate before we tune on it. I don’t want to tune over a hidden issue.
So in conclusion how do I get the handheld to match what’s on the balancer? How come Holley wants me to select HyperSpark instead of the Dual Sync distributor which is what I’m running? Thanks guys.