The 4175 again. Just wondering about my vacuum/secondary circuit. I tested the carb by filling it with alcohol and the primary pump did it's job. The secondary bowl was at least partially filled but depressing the plunger on vacuum/secondary diaphram didn't result in any "spray". Should it have? Or does that circuit get filled during normal running from engine vacuum and airflow through the carb? No reason to think it's not working but just wondering how to test it. The other issue; previous owner made a nice aluminum heat shield (motorhome heat) for under the carb, but they weren't paying attention because one of the linkages on the right side was hitting the plate trying to lift the carb up, but all it could do is push the shield down and it then sprang right back up so happened countless times. That put pressure on the throttle shaft in it's bore. During repeated actuation of the throttle (watching the spray) there was a bit of leaking out of that throttle shaft, in that spot. I didn't remove the shaft during the rebuild as it seemed to fit tight. Still seems tight. Should I be worried that spot will leak when it's running from all the stress/wear, or was it just leaking because I was flooding the area with gas, and during normal running it'll likely go down the holes where it's supposed to. So asking if I should be concerned or not. That's the last question I swear. Thanks.