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    Been using Holley since 1975 at age 15. Just bought a one owner, '77 GMC SWB with a 1K mile GM crate engine, 89K original miles and build sheet under seat. Owner put a FiTech on the new engine and told me it never worked, died a week after I bought it. Instantly, bought a Sniper, distributor, coil and HyperSpark. I have a blown out lower back and on disability, luckily my best friend owns his own performance shop and can build, fix anything. I have a '72 C10 with an LSA supercharger on a 5.3L making 521 RWHP I drive from TX to Cruising the Coast in Biloxi every year we built (don't believe in trailer queens). He has installed and dynoed 15+ Snipers. Never could fix cold start issues no matter how much laptop tuning, always had to pedal it till temperature was 110°F or so, then would stumble at quick stops & more. Injectors were louder than Spal fans. He had another kit waiting to go in another project. Took the EFI, dropped it and tuned it. Two days later took it on a 200 mile truck club cruise, perfect. Now that ambient temp is climbing down here steadily starting having issues. Today #2 A/C fan would not come on and voltage dropped in gear at a stop from normal 13.5/8 to 12.3 and barely got to 13 at speed. Another friend owns a starter & alternator shop. When first one died he built it up the alternator from a 110 amp to a 130 with an overdrive pulley. After that regardless of speed how many fans, etc., volts stayed 13.5/13.8, 3 wire alternator 10si, can't go bigger on case, Vintage Air A/C & March serpentine kit in the way. Next week I'm taking $1700.00 worth of equipment and labor off and putting a 650 cfm carb on it so my daily will be reliable for me due to my health. I'm fortunate to have tons of knowledge and shops at my disposal along with a back to back NHRA Winston cup Comp Eliminator champion as a friend with tons of contacts to lean on. It's not just Holley, but every EFI builder is selling misrepresented equipment, unless your one of the lucky ones figure up how much you've had to spend getting your EFI somewhat reliable, and I'm not talking car shows and 50 miles on the weekend. All this electrical interference crud is not mentioned in ads, there's no such thing as self Learning, it's time on the handheld or laptop to get so called self Learned. I'd be willing to bet anyone who's had problems has spent $1K/$2K not to mention down time. Anyone who ask me about anyone's EFI, I'll tell them to either stay carbed or save up and go LSx. Getting an EFI right is no different than tuning an LSx on a laptop, so if you're going to get one buy the Y-splitter and find someone who tunes LSx because the best way to tune is you drive and the mechanic tune it to how you drive not him. They are no different than an LSx, it's the same except you don't have to give an LSx a prime shot (but should). I think all the companies have cut corners getting these on the market, there's no reason for electrical interference, way to many ECU issues, heard one rep at Good Guy's in FT Worth this March tell a guy to put a shield under the metal air cleaner it could cause interference...are you kidding me? Read every response from a rep from each company on how to solve a problem, 90% have more cost associated with it. I just don't get it.

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    Carbs are nice & easy. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you, LOL, and same age, but the guys that know how to tune EFI setups, it's like the guys that know how to tune carbs. And I'll say I had a handful of race cars I built from frame up 8 second to 11 second cars, all with carbs, jetting a carb is a ton easier, but I'm trying to learn at 62 years old and reprogramming my brain is pretty tough. :} But stick with it, don't give up read, read, read!

    Just want to add to my post, @C/10. Really all this Holley EFI stuff was for in my book Chevy LSx engines. Everybody was and is going crazy that you can take a stock 5.3L or a 6.0L and easy make a 1000 HP with a stock bottom end and I really believe we are all caught up in that thought. But when you take into consideration that you have to buy a good set of Heads, Intake, injectors, Throttle Body, Healthy Camshaft, Valve Springs to match, Rockers, Correct length pushrods, Fuel Pump, Fuel Regulator, fuel piping and now add the whole EFI system, then some Dyno time with a tuner if you don't know how to tune. Well!!! You really might as well just build a decent Big Block Chevy for probably 2/3 the price of the LSx engine. Did everybody forget how easy it is to setup a Holley Carb!

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