Hello. I was looking for some advice on injector sizing. I found a little info by doing a search, but still some things I'm not sure of. So this is my setup:
-Stock LQ9 short block with new rings. Steel top ring gaped for juice.
-PRC ported 243 heads.
-11:1 compression.
-Summit 8707 cam (duration 226° int./238° exh. Lift 0.600" int./0 600" exh. 113° LSA).
-F.A.S.T. LSXR 102 intake drilled and plumed for direct port dry N2O.
-Long tube headers 1 7/8" tubes and 3" collector.
-3600 RPM FTI converter with 4L80E and 3.73s in the rear.
-58 PSI fuel pressure with Walboro 450 in tank pump.

So I want to spray a progressive shot with a Terminator X. I'm trying to figure out what size injector to run. I can't get E85 in my area, so I'm stuck with normal 93. I'm guessing the N/A crank power would be around 500 HP. I want to be able to spray a 200 HP progressive shot if I can. But I could live with a 150 HP.

All of the injector sizing calculators I have found only give data for naturally aspirated, supercharged or turbocharged. So I'm not sure what to go with for my setup. I was considering Daka 60s. They flow around 70 lbs at 58 psi of fuel pressure. Anyone have any insight?