Terminator X EFI Software Help Information/Instructions:
‒ On the top Toolbar, click "Help" & "Contents". This opens all Help topics.
‒ When navigating the Terminator X EFI software, click "Help ?" or the F1 key.
...This automatically opens the definitions for that specific parameter.
TerminatorX.pdf (Terminator X Tuning & Datalog View Software User Manual)
https://documents.holley.com/techlibrary_199r11761.pdf (Terminator X Handheld Tuning & Reference Manual)
https://documents.holley.com/techlibrary_199r11760.pdf (Terminator X Installation & Tuning Manual)
https://documents.holley.com/199r11956.pdf (Terminator X & X Max Quick Start Manual)
https://documents.holley.com/199r11957.pdf (Terminator X '79-'93 Ford Mustang Main Harness Instructions)
https://www.holley.com/blog/post/how...xbody_mustang/ (Terminator X EFI System Installation Video - Fox Body Mustang)
https://www.holley.com/blog/post/usi...otor_behavior/ (Terminator X EFI Software, Better Control Of Ford IAC Motor Behavior)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_rCN8KExiY (Terminator X EFI YouTube Tech Video - PWM IAC Control With Advanced 1D Table)
https://documents.holley.com/techlib...rdatachart.pdf (Terminator X Injector Off Time Data)
https://documents.holley.com/199r11967.pdf (Holley Terminator X Parts Guide)
https://documents.holley.com/techlib...-2_4-23-20.zip (Terminator X V1 SD Card Contents)
https://documents.holley.com/techlibrary_200r962a-3.zip (Terminator X V2 SD Card Contents)
https://www.holley.com/support/resou...Fuel_Injection (Holley EFI Technical Library - EFI Software & Updates)
https://www.holley.com/brands/holley.../terminator_x/ (Holley Terminator X & Terminator X Max EFI Systems)
https://www.holley.com/brands/holley.../terminator_x/ (Scroll down to "Compare The Facts".)

If you need purchasing help, please contact your Holley EFI dealer. I suggest Chris Myer at EFISystemPro.com or Richard Nedbal (FastManEFI) at EFIExpert.com. Purchasing from either one of the Holley EFI Dealers I suggested is better than buying direct from Holley or an aftermarket store/speed shop. You'll presumably need tech help before & after the sale, and you'll probably save money too.

Furthermore, if you want someone to help you by means of a remote tuning session (after installation), I'd contact Andrew B. @projectgattago, Chris Myer at EFISystemPro.com or Richard Nedbal (FastManEFI) at EFIExpert.com.

EFI Software & ECU Firmware Versions:
EFI SOFTWARE: Click "Help" tab (top toolbar) & "About Holley Terminator X EFI".
ECU FIRMWARE: Click "Sync With ECU" & "Get ECU Info" (Key-on/USB connected).
The latest EFI software & ECU firmware can be downloaded here:
https://www.holley.com/support/resou...Fuel_Injection (Holley EFI Technical Library)
http://documents.holley.com/techlibr...rmwarerev1.pdf (How To Update ECU Firmware)
Before updating firmware, ensure the current Global File is saved somewhere, since it will be erased from the ECU.
The EFI (laptop/PC) software, ECU firmware & touchscreen unit must all be version compatible (LINK).

Originally Posted by Danny Cabral
The Terminator X doesn't record System Logs because it's only capable of external datalogging (PC software or 3.5" TSLCD).
If a regular datalog indicates an "RPM Error" when scrolling through the problem area, then troubleshoot why the crank or
cam sync unit isn't transmitting a signal. Troubleshoot the crank & cam sensors, wiring, reference voltage & ground, reluctor,
alignment, air gap (LINK), radial run-out problems (LINK), etc. Troubleshooting 3-wire Hall-Effect sensors:
https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/ (Understanding/Troubleshooting Hall-Effect Sensors - "Troubleshooting", Page 2)
http://assets.fluke.com/appnotes/aut...e/beatbook.pdf (Fluke Multimeter Testing - "Hall-Effect Sensors", Page 17)
Originally Posted by Danny Cabral
The Target Air/Fuel Ratio Table & Base Fuel/Timing Table (and MAP kPa & RPM axes/scales) should be configured using the Terminator X EFI software: In the Terminator X EFI software (LINK), Target Air/Fuel Ratio Table (Fuel ICF) & Base Timing Table (Spark ICF), select "2D Table" Type (not "Simple"). The Target Air/Fuel Ratio Table & Base Timing Table can then be properly configured & tuned for any engine. I always suggest taking notes of your current distributor's ignition timing specs/curves beforehand, and then program the Base Timing Table accordingly.
https://www.holley.com/support/resou...Fuel_Injection (Terminator X EFI Software & Holley 558-443 CAN/USB Dongle)
https://forums.holley.com/showthread...679#post100679 (Holley EFI Optional Comm/Data Cable Accessories)
https://www.efisystempro.com/efi-pro...timing-control (EFISystemPro.com - ECU Timing Control, From Simple To 2D Table)
Originally Posted by Danny Cabral
For further assistance, post your Config File and a short datalog of this occurrence for us to analyze.
Also, review the datalog and inform us of exactly where in the datalog (time/seconds) the problem occurs.
Datalog & Global Files can be linked to a document hosting website. I use Dropbox.com.
Files can also be "zipped" (compressed zipped folder) & attached directly to a forum post ("Go Advanced" & "Attachments").
Your Config File is in the "Documents", "Holley" folder, "Terminator X" folder, "Global Files" folder (.hefi file).
Your Datalogs are in the "Documents", "Holley" folder, "Terminator X" folder, "Data Logs" folder (.dl file).
Someone will analyze/troubleshoot the problem & offer advice.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqHOtDNiTNA (How To Record & Email A Datalog)
Overlay the datalog onto your Config File, and pay special attention to the center paragraph in blue print:
Originally Posted by Danny Cabral
Quick Datalogger Information:
Always provide data, not just symptoms. Is the AFR & ignition timing optimized? Overlay the datalog onto your Config File.
Ensure the Target A/F Ratio table is properly programmed for your engine. Ensure the ECU is "Learning" (Learn Table LINK).
Scroll through the datalog to the problem area. Then look exactly where this happens on the Base Fuel & Timing Tables. Scrutinize:
RPM, MAP, MAT, TPS, CTS, IAC, Target AFR, AFR Left, CL Comp, Ignition Timing, Duty Cycle, Fuel Flow, Fuel Pressure & Battery. When the engine is tuned & running well, you should decrease the Closed Loop & Learned Compensation Limits % to lock in a good tune.

Using the Holley Terminator X EFI software (LINK), look at where the live cursor moves to during this occurrence,
and manually tune that area of the Base Fuel Table (enrich or lean) & Base Timing Table (optimize ignition timing).

I find the most helpful datalog function, is overlaying the datalog on your Config File.
I'm in the habit of using the datalog Overlay feature every time I review a datalog.
Click on "Datalog" (on the top Toolbar), "Activate Overlay", then "Open Data Log".
You can literally "playback" a recorded event, and watch it as it happened on any screen.
Minimize (shrink) the datalog window, and move it to the bottom of any Config File screen.
Then click & scroll anywhere on the datalog, and watch it playback on your Config File (EFI software).
http://documents.holley.com/techlibr...9r10543rev.pdf (Holley EFI Datalogger Instructions)
https://forums.holley.com/showthread...s-amp-Datalogs (Datalog Information - Read "NOTES")
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqHO...C6FEA0BB99AF17 (How To Record & Email A Datalog)
https://forums.holley.com/showthread...7531#post77531 (Closed Loop Datalog Tuning - Posts #2, #4 & #6)