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    Dominator with V4 EFI software. In configuring an Output there are PWM+ & PWM- types. Is there a way to configure an Input to accept a PWM signal? Can the 5 VOLT Input type be used to input a 5V maximum PWM signal from an outside source (not from the Dominator ECU)? Will the ECU see this signal as a varying 0V-5V analog signal? Does V6 have a PWM Input type?

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    Good questions! I've never had the occasion to configure a PWM Input, but the ECU should interpret it as a linear input (like a 5V sensor). Can I ask what you are trying to do? Andrew

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    I was thinking that the 5V input should accept the PWM signal, but I know just enough about electronics to make me dangerous, and I did not want try it and risk damaging the ECU.
    I have an Arduino microcomputer connected to my home made Hall-Effect sensors on the front & rear wheels. The microcomputer then compares the wheel speeds, calculates the percent of wheel slippage, and can send a PWM signal (0V-5V) based on slippage. The microcomputer is not capable of outputting a variable 5V analog signal without adding a DAC (digital-analog converter) to the PWM output. I checked the PWM output and it appears to my digital voltmeter as a 0V-5V signal as I vary the PWM signal. I'd like to be able to use the PWM signal as a 5V input in an Advanced 1D Table to control timing retard. And, yes, I know that I can create an Advanced 2D Table to read the Hall-Effect sensors and control timing retard, but I have "light box" in the car that was used to indicate the amount of wheel slippage when the engine had a carburetor, and I'd like to keep that feature, which is driven by the microcomputer.

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    This topic brings up another question. In using the 5V Input, what voltage values can the Holley EFI software differentiate between? In other words, will the software recognize the difference between 2.5V and 2.6V, or 2.50V and 2.51V, or 2.500V & 2.501V, etc.?

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    Absolutely it will. When you configure the Input you can assign the voltage values. As an example, take a typical 5V 100 psi pressure sensor. Generally it'll have a slope of .5V (zero) and 4.5V (100 psi). Everything in between gets extrapolated in a linear manner. Andrew

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