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Thread: Diagnostic features on the 7" Digital Dash?

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    Default Diagnostic features on the 7" Digital Dash?

    Hello. I'm trying to educate myself with the 2017 Terminator system and the Holley Digital Dash. I've been reading threads to help build my understanding of the system. Can I use the Digital Dash as a diagnostic tool? I'd like to check the connections/sync between the different cam, crank & fuel sensors. Does anyone have a link to help walk me through something like this? Thank you for the help.

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    Which Terminator EFI system do you have, exactly? A part number would be extremely helpful. Andrew

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    Andrew, I have the 550-623.

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    That system uses the Dominator ECU. Very nice kit!

    I'm a little confused as to what you are trying to do. The Dominator ECU is capable of crank and cam sensor diagnostics by doing a System Logs. However, that information is not going to be displayed on the 7" Digital Dash. You will need a laptop to view a System Log.

    As for your fuel pressure, oil pressure, or any other sensor data, that can be displayed on the 7" Digital Dash and many of the preconfigured screens already have those gauges in place.

    If you need assistance with the first startup and tuning, please email me: projectgattago at gmail dot com. Andrew

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    I had the car ECU setup and dynoed at Westech Performance two years ago. Last Saturday the car would not start. I do not have a laptop with the EFI software downloaded to check the system datalog. I was hoping I could use the Digital Dash to check the System Log. I'm also trying to learn about the functions, and educate myself, with the ECU.

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    There could be any number of reasons for no starts. Start with the basics. Is there fuel in the tank? Is the pump working and supplying the set pressure? Are the injectors firing? Is there spark? Andrew

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    I will. Thanks for answering my questions.

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    Glad to help. Let us know what you find. Andrew

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