Very interested in the Atomic 2.0 EFI for a SBC application where it controls the timing. Building 400 HP, as much torque as I can get engine, Dart 64cc chamber/180cc intake runner, Edelbrock Air-Gap intake for my '87 Chevy 4WD square-body.

What's the best Dual Sync distributor to run? Holley or MSD? Or a Holley with an MSD cap/adjustable rotor? I've heard the MSD is more susceptible to EMI. Do I need to buy any other ignition components? Coil? Ignition box?

Can't find a wiring diagram for Atomic 2.0 that addresses this setup. But I may be missing something.

Can I run Taylor 409 ignition wires? Thunderbolt 50? Or do I need to run MSD spiral-core ignition wires?