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Thread: 351C 2V, looking for Sniper 550-516 advice.

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    Default 351C 2V, looking for Sniper 550-516 advice.

    Good afternoon! Looking for some direction on a car I just bought. It's a 1972 Mustang convertible and curtrently has the "H" code 351C 2V engine with 177 net HP. I'm most interested in the Classic Gold Sniper EFI 550-516 because I'll eventually build an engine that will hopefully be around 400 to 500 HP and that will work good with the Sniper I want to get. But in the meantime, will this Sniper work with the current engine I have? I know the videos say this Sniper is for 250-650 horsepower, but the 177 is net, so I'm right at the 250 engine horsepower I believe.

    So if I go with the Sniper EFI 550-516, I'd have to change intakes. What would be the best intake to go with? Also, what distributor would you go with and fuel pump system? Thank you in advance for anyone that helps. Robert

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    Hi Robert. I believe by 1972 the big 3 were using Net HP numbers instead of the earlier Gross HP ratings. I have a couple of customers using the 4 barrel Sniper systems on smaller inline 6 cylinder engines and they work fine. This is a long way of saying that the 550-516 will work fine for you.

    A dual-plane intake of your choice will work. For ignition, I find the Sniper distributor and HyperSpark ignition box to be a solid combination. For fuel pump, Holley makes a couple of different options for in-tank mounted pumps. If I can be of help with the tuning or wiring, please let me know.

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    Andrew, thank you for the advice. Attached I have my cart on Holley website. I'm good with cutting the hole in my fuel tank, just wanted to know if you knew the 1972 Mustang convertible had the one inch of clearance needed for the fuel model in the cart. Also what kit would I need for the pressure & return line for the module to the Sniper? Also, yesterday I picked up a 4V Cleveland intake that was a factory unit dual-plane. This would work, correct? Again, thank you in advance.
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    Hi Robert. I can't answer the Mustang specific questions and the pictures are really small, so I can't see what you have in the cart. Your best bet is to call Holley and ask.

    The intake in the picture has a spread-bore flange, while the Sniper uses a square-bore flange. At the very least you'll need an adapter. Andrew

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    OK, thank you.

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    I wouldn't use that 4V intake you have. The ports on a 4V head are way bigger than your 2V heads. You will probably lose more performance than gain. Also, it's for the Motorcraft Spread-bore carb. I'd go with a square-bore 2V manifold like this:

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