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Thread: HP/Dominator Data Output Specifications

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    Default HP/Dominator Data Output Specifications

    I have some questions on data output. I want to know were I can find the info on the two buses for data output. Does anybody know on the one wire output is it TTL voltage or 3.3 volts and what protocol i.e. ANSI serial? At what baud rate is it sent? 9600,19200? Also on the CAN Bus is it 29 bit? What is the data byte map? I want to ad some displays of my own and it would be nice to know the specs instead of sniffing and reverse engineering it. I have a HP unit hooked to two 900 TBI units on a Holley Dominator tunnel ram in my Camaro on a 498 BBC works excellent. This is the best EFI computer I've ever seen or used thumbs up to Holley. I also love the universal gauges have four, but I also have my own 8.9 inch LCD display in dash and will be adding some additional small text displays and would like to use the HP data stream instead of adding additional sensors. I was also wondering if there will be a firmware editor offered in the future for custom applications. Thanks, Carrie Fuhs

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    Chris, did you ever get any info?


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    When I talked to them, they were using an older version of the CAN Bus that they made there own. So the only displays that can use it are theirs, and the AIM because they programmed their display to work with it. Why they didn't use the standard 2.0 so it could work with more, I don't know.

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    This is an old thread, but did anyone make any headway? I'm doing the exact same thing for a restomod where I'm building my own gauges.

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    The Generic/Racepak CAN protocol sheet is available in the NHRA documentation. If you Google for it, you'll find the PDF. It describes the Racepak CAN protocol which should have what you're looking for. The Holley CAN protocol is a little different, and considered proprietary. There are quite a few messages being transmitted with the Holley proprietary protocol.

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    I went searching for that document recently on the NHRA website and it seems to have been taken down? However, I found a copy on another website (see page 81 onward) here:

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