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Thread: Magnum 5.2L future turbo build.

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    Default Magnum 5.2L future turbo build.

    Hello all. I'm trying to sort out what to do with my "Dajiban" build. The van (1999 Dodge Ram 2500 van) came with a 5.2L Magnum engine that still runs amazing (only 126000 km on it). My problem is the Dodge factory PCM is so un reliable as I have gone through three of them for all diffrent reasons in the last three years. Once a NO BUS, once a transmission lost overdrive and this time the internal voltage regulator. So it's time to drop the junk Dodge electronics.

    For voltage regulator, I've already wired in an external regulator so that's bypassed. For ignition control, to my understanding, an LA series distributor should bolt up and then that'll cover the advance the Dodge Magnum PCM normally controls. I plan to switch to a manual valve body for the transmission control with switches for overdrive and torque converter lockup. So just fuel control is left.

    My goal is to turbo the 5.2L Magnum in the future, but I want to do it all in stages. So right now just N/A, the fuel control will need to be capable to adapt to both as I only want to replace it once. The engine currently has MPFI. This needs to all stay with a budget in mind. Would converting to a TBI and doing Super Sniper be best or stay with MPFI and the Terminator X series be better? Or any budget friendly other suggestions welcome.

    With either option what other parts are needed to set it up? Overall cost? Benefit of either setup?

    I've read too much and created confusion for myself. It seems these Magnum engines and Dodge stuff, other than the Gen 3 Hemi lack options and support, so I need to piece everything together. This is also where help is needed.

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    If you need that much purchasing help, please contact your Holley EFI dealer. I suggest Chris Myer at or Richard Nedbal (FastManEFI) at Purchasing from either one of the Holley EFI Dealers I suggested is better than buying direct from Holley or an aftermarket store/speed shop. You'll need a lot of tech help before & after the sale, and you'll probably save money too.

    Furthermore, if you want someone to help you by means of a remote tuning session (after installation), I'd contact Andrew B. @projectgattago, Chris Myer at or Richard Nedbal (FastManEFI) at

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