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Thread: Snake Eater Performance DBW 102MM throttle body & Terminator X?

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    Default Snake Eater Performance DBW 102MM throttle body & Terminator X?

    Hi everyone. This is my first post on this forum so bear with me if this has been covered. I tried searching, but didnt come up with anything.

    Before purchasing a Terminator X system I bought a 102mm Drive-By-Wire SEP TB:

    Now that I'm connecting everything on the harness it's clear that this 6-pin connector is not compatible with the harness. My question is, has anyone used one of these throttle bodies and made it work? Does Holley make a 6-pin adapter and will that work? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    From the SEEP website:
    100% Billet 102mm Throttle Body, Drive-By-Wire works with all Gen IV manifolds and PCM that can control a DBW throttle body. Hardware included.

    6-pin connector, magnetic TPS, Gold Blade Electronics tried and true in forced induction applications to over 900+ by SEP customers with no blade flutter.

    Works with:
    Throttle Pedal Assemblies 10379038
    Terminator X & X Max with DBW capability.

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    @ek9beezler: I guess the question needs to be asked, which Terminator X kit did you purchase? The other question is why do you feel that you need a 102mm throttle body? Andrew

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    Good questions. When I reached out to SEP directly, they didn't have that verbiage on their website. I'll go on the assumption that I can get a 6-pin to 8-pin adapter and connect that way.

    I purchased Terminator X Max 24x/1x Multec 2 LS MPFI Kit with DBW Throttle Body and Transmission Control, Part # 550-927.

    EDIT 1: A huge percentage of people don't NEED a 102mm TB, myself included, but it's what I have so I'd like to make it work.

    EDIT 2: Per Holley's recommendation I purchased a GM #10379038 pedal assembly to mate to the DBW harness that came with the kit. I'm looking at the X link:, which may do the truck. My engine will have a 78mm turbo on it, so I'd like to flow more air than a stock TB and since I have one already I might as well use it.
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    I'd do one of two things:
    1. Purchase the correct DBW harness from Holley for the Gen 4 throttle bodies. Holley 558-406:

    2. Look at the wiring diagram for the 558-406 harness and terminate it properly for the 6-pin TB. The TB connector is a Metri-Pack GT 150 connector. Ballinger Motorsports (and probably others) sell the connector and the terminals and cable seals can also be sourced easily. You'll need a proper crimping tool, but those can also be had relatively inexpensively.

    I recently had to change the TB connectors on my Cougar. You can get the full details here: Starting with post #1362

    The issues with the big TBs is that they tend to be a little trickier to tune at low throttle openings, but it's all doable.

    If I can be of service with the tuning or anything else, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Andrew

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    You're the man. Thank you Andrew. I'll look into your suggestions.

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