Forgive me, I don't know the part numbers that succeed from change of company/ownership, but I have a Mallory 140 pump and a Mallory 4307M regulator.

When using the pump with a return style regulator there's a spacer (supplied in a bag with the regulator) that's supposed to replace the spring in the 110/140 series pump, to shut off the pump's built-in regulator. Apparently, because there was no "Marine" pump, my marine regulator didn't have this part in the parts bag.

Well, my regulator and pump keep arguing when I'm deep into the throttle, so the fuel bowl suffers from the disagreement. I posted two years ago after contacting Mallory, MSD, Century Performance, Jegs, and even Amazon, asking at Summit forums, if they knew where to find the phantom, illusive spacer and a tech from MSD replied, instructing me to email them with my shipping info. I did. No reply, no spacer a month later, so I did it again. Got fed up so tried this and that, eventually dsmaging the Plunger Pad, resulting in fabricating some from neoprene.

Two months ago, I emailed again saying my truck was nearing completion and I'm approaching winter months, need this spacer please. Truck is done.

I emailed again last week. No reply, no spacer. I said "fugghedaboudit", cut a near 3/8" O.D. piece of brass tubing, 3/8" long, pulled the spring, assembled and installed the pump. Off to work I go. On the way home, I nearly stalled and reluctantly limped home at 35 in a 50 at 3am, in temps of 12°F. Not cool! Dry cylinders result in cylinder/ring/piston damage.

Can someone here from accessories reply to me and maybe even sell* me a parts bag that has the Bypass Spacer (and plunger pad) so I can enjoy the approximately $1,000 custom cardiovascular system I installed in my vehicle? Preemptive Thank You for your reply(s)/help.