I'd be thrilled if you guys could manufacture a round 2-5/8" timing display gauge that plugs into the 9-pin port on the 6530.
The gauge would have a base timing set button and up & down arrows for the user to set the degrees of locked distributor base timing. The gauge would use the retard data output from the 6AL2 and subtract the degrees of retard from the user set base timing amount. The gauge will display the current total timing. Accuracy will be dependent on the user setting their distributor base timing correctly and the distriutor not coming loose, etc. It would be a valuable tuning aid for me to see what my current timing is at a glance while under different load conditions (just as valuable as my wideband O2 sensor). When tuning and driving around with my laptop I'm always having to do quick math to subtract retard degrees from the base to calulate total timing and that is a pain. The gauge could have a min & max recall function so we can see min & max timing that occured since last reset. The capture threshold set point could be RPM based to capture of min & max timing values over a set engine RPM such as just over your converter stall or launch RPM. Thanks for making great products. Russ Wolden