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Thread: Truck Died, Now No Start.

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    Got fuel, spark, air, compression. Plugs looked OK, I did change them anyway.

    I'm not really, I'm very used to using stock ECUs and the software I've used in the past is just a lot easier. Generally if there was a part failure, a code could get you started. Also, I'm much more used to a chart setup (for sensor and switch data) with a small graph than just a graph. I realize it isn't Holley's fault I'm out of the times but damn, there are easier ways to do things or give me some options (hopefully this is the part where someone says, "Hey dummy you can set it up that way, here's how.), but I'm sure from what I have seen it's the graph all day long. I made a big step in changing my ways to this, I guess I just need more time and patience.
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    No crank sensor here. AndyF, you might be on to something there. I doubt the chain skipped a tooth just cruising down the road, but that doesn't mean my DISTRIBUTOR gear didn't wear down and skip a tooth. I'm going to pull it out and check it out. I have to say that would be a first, I've had them wear down and simply shut off never even trying to start again, but I suppose the other option is a possibility.

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    I'd start looking at the MAP sensor. It looks like it showed good vacuum when the datalog started, then after your high RPM pull, it started to read different. Also in the rough running datalog the MAP sensor does not start out near 100 like I think it should, unless you're at a pretty high elevation. Just my thoughts on looking at the datalogs. -Greg

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    @TYTILIDIE: About half the time a customer calls me out to help with an EFI problem the problem turns out to be something else. I've found that people with EFI systems assume that the EFI is bad whenever the car doesn't run. If they have a carburetor they debug the engine, if the have EFI they call me. But when I get there I find the usual suspects. Bad wiring, bent pushrods, no gas in the tank, throttle linkage not hooked up, coil disconnected, bad PCV valve, vacuum plug missing, fuel lines hooked up wrong, etc. I've seen most everything.

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    OK, got this fixed. NOT an EFI issue.

    My main frustration still comes from a lack of diagnostics. Here is what happened:
    After the mention of the timing chain skipping a light went off. First of all, in all the years I have been into cars I have NEVER seen a timing chain on an SBC or 90° V6 have a timing chain issue. But I've had distributor gears wear down. Funny thing here is that I put a spark tester on every cylinder and cranked over and every cylinder lit. I have NEVER had the distributor skip a gear, just worn down and dies.

    I OHM and AC tested and the pickup coil and it checked out, changed IGN MOD with a known good one and nothing. That said, I also pulled the fuel rail and injectors thinking maybe there was a turd in there of some sort. NOTHING. Fuel pressure looked great and so on. So I pull the distributor for and wouldn't you know, it wouldn't come out. I spent about a half hour working it out and found that the washer above the gear ate it and looks like it got stuck below. I tested the coil again and all looked well.

    At this point I have no explanation for what on the distributor was actually bad, but I installed a new distributor and it fired right up and ran great. Here is the point, factory systems have codes. I understand that a system like Holley isn't likely to have thousands of codes but, if a distributor stops working, chances are I would've gotten an EST or ESC failure code. All I am saying is that it would be nice to have something in the EFI software that at least points to a fuel, spark, air, sensor issue.

    So not knocking the Dominator, I love the ease and the reliability, just needs some better diagnostic tools.

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