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Thread: Sniper Coil Driver Module - Coil

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    Hi, please see attachment. Engine cranking, plenty of fuel, but not firing. It is seeing an RPM signal. I'll try the canister style coil today.
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    Do you have any way to confirm your actual cranking speed? It is cranking at an indicated 125 RPM with dips to 66. Is it slowing down occasionally when you crank or is the signal still not quite right? The battery voltage doesn't drop too far. At first I thought it might be cranking slow due to a low battery. I would think it should still fire at a low crank speed, but if the indicated speed is wrong, it may be sending out incorrect firing rates to the coil driver module. To avoid flooding the engine you may want to pull the fuel pump relay until you get spark.

    This will not impact your initial start, but similar to a recent post today, there is a 13° difference between your MAT & CTS. The typical issue with many new Holley supplied CTS sensors is they read high at low temperatures, and low at high temperatures. The cold error will affect Startup Enrichment, and the hot error may prevent the system from going into Learn mode. Buy a non-Holley replacement and install it before you try to do much tuning.

    We need you to download the Config File currently in the Sniper and upload it here. There may be some settings that require tweaking since you're not duplicating the dyno testing setup exactly.
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    Hi, thanks for the response. Yes, I noticed the RPM dip on the read out, the actual physical cranking is not fluctuating, it's consistent. I don't have any other means to test it. Battery is fully charged, high cranking current. Yes, I've pulled the fuel pump relay to avoid flooding. Have already replaced the original (faulty) Holley CTS. Mind you, it was replaced with a Holley replacement CTS (or what Holley supplies as a replacement CTS). Should have kept the generic unit I used on the dyno. When we install the canister coil, the only difference from the dyno will be fuel pressure (not an issue), and the crank trigger extension cable. If the crank trigger was reversed polarity, we would not see an RPM signal, right?

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    UPDATE: I wired in a new canister style ignition coil. Started instantaneously. Runs beautifully. So the instructions are right, the Coil Driver Module does require a canister style ignition coil. So much for being told coils are coils!

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