I'm building a plug in/removable wire harness for my car.
It connects, powers and operates more than 39 devices.
4 components are MSD:
-MSD Tach Adapters
-MSD Timing Control Unit
-MSD Boost Timing Master

The only information I can find on amperage requirements is for the MSD 6AL ignition box:
Current requirements - 5 amps @ 5000 RPM, 10 amps @ 10000 RPM.
The car it's installed on has a 6250 RPM cut. So I'll assume a maximum of 6.25 amps.

However some assumptions can be dangerous. Logic would dictate the above amperage numbers are the current draw though the MSD 6AL heavy red & black wires that connect to the battery.

I'm trying to figure out the amperage requirements of the smaller red switched +12V wire of the 6AL and the other three MSD devices switched power source current requirements.
The MSD units will all run on one dedicated fuse, and T off a single wire, two MSD units under the dash and two under the hood.

I'm trying to figure out the fuse and wire size needed to run all four MSDs.