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Thread: Holley HP with 700R4 using Dakota Digital SGI-5E.

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    @Bloodhound: I'm using the "Out 1" terminal on the SGI-5E. I believe that I'm using Application #1 (H-H) based on the description in the manual. Can't easily access the unit at the moment to verify since it's buried behind some upholstery panels. I found out from Tremec that the transmission VSS outputs a 17 pulse per driveshaft revolution signal, so I used that figure in the I/O setup in the HP software.
    This translates to about 2425 driveshaft revolutions/mile times 17 pulses/revolution equals 41,225 pulses/mile. The H-L application doesn't use the #1 output, so I'm confident I'm using the H-H application.

    In looking at the manual, it may be possible to use the H-L application and use "Out 3" instead. It will still give you the AC sine wave signal you need, but with a 8000 pulse/mile signal. I'm not sure how that signal would need to be inputted into the HP software, but it may be worth a try if the "Out 1" signal doesn't work. Not trying to muddy the water here, just offering options.

    I only use the output from the SGI-5E for datalogging speed, I don't use it to drive my Auto Meter electronic speedometer although I could. My setup is very similar to the settings shown in the post I referenced in my earlier reply (see entry #6). I used 17 as the "pulses to average", 17 for the pulses/rotation with a 3.73 rear and a 31" tall tire.
    I then followed the calibration instructions on page 3 of the manual and adjusted the speed by using the plus and minus buttons on the unit. I verified with two separate GPS units. Steve

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    @steve392: OK that's some great info. Thanks. I'll report back.

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    Thanks for the help! On H-H, output 1, I'm getting a speed signal. It's totally off, but that's OK. Now I can start adjusting the PPR and things to get it dialed in.

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