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Thread: Holley EFI on a Ford Barra?

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    Default Holley EFI on a Ford Barra?

    Really want to do a Barra engine in my next project. Love Holley EFI. Have the Dominator on my Fox. My question is has anyone used Holley to manage the Barra engine yet? Can it be done? I'm sure an Unterminated Harness is the only choice, but if this can be done then I'm game. If not, it looks like Haltech is the only choice. Prefer to use the Holley coils, etc. If anyone has any info please advise!

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    This would be a really cool project. I enjoy watching the various Australia based YouTube channels, like Benny and The Skid Factory. Do you know the crank & cam signal scheme for a Barra? Andrew
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    I know they use a 36x tooth wheel with a 1x tooth missing gap for crank, and for the cams they have 3+1 tooth pattern. But I don't know how I could get that to work with the Holley EFI.

    All three sensors seem to be push in gasket style, reluctor style sensors.

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    First off, I’m not an expert on this and do not have direct experience on this conversion.

    I have fuel injected engines that were not originally injected and did not have appropriate crank wheels, sensors, etc.

    First, I’ll assume the Barra is going into a different vehicle so it will all be a custom setup. Second, sounds like you want to use as much of the factory parts as possible (crank and cam sensors).

    Holley EFI can absolutely work with the 36-1 crank wheel. After years of various (sometimes nearly hidden issues) issues with 2-wire VR sensors, I’d highly recommend going with a Hall-Effect sensor. Much easier to work with in the EFI software, and much more reliable over a much wider RPM band (some of my issues have not shown up until 9,000+ RPM).

    Cam sensor wheel? I’d figure out which of the existing four teeth are in the best position and remove the other three. And again go with a powered Hall-Effect sensor.

    Not completely plug-&-play, but not much fabrication either (certainly a lot less than the rest of the project!).

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