Hello, I'm preparing to startup a street rod build of a small block Chevy utilizing a Holley MPFI and an MSD 6A ignition module. The 6A receives its trigger from the ECU, which I haven't connected yet, but I've begun ringing out all other wiring. When I connect the battery cable I get a surge of current that settles down to a steady 20ma with the ignition off. As instructed, the MSD box main power is directly connected to the battery and the small red wire to ignition +12V. This is a street rod and not a daily driver, so it will sit for a week or two sometimes before being driven again and a continuous current drain, even a small one is going to cause problems. BTW, when I pull the plug on the 6A, the current draw goes away. I've seen old posts on this topic, but no responses on whether this is normal. So is it? Thank you. Bill