Hello Guys. I'm having an issue with what I believe is the MAP Acceleration Enrichment table adding fuel during low RPM/light throttle conditions. This happens between 1200 to 1800ish RPM. My lbs/hr per the fuel map vs. actual injected amount is different, and CL Comp creeps up to -50%. I had this issue at idle when I first installed the Sniper, but was able to take care of it by increasing the Blanking value. Problem here is, by the time I increase the Blanking value enough to where I'm not seeing any little movement on the enrichment graph (while watching it run with the laptop) acceleration is horrible, it completely falls on its face. I tried making up the difference with a more aggressive TPS AE graph to no avail. Is there some other way around this? Also, is there a way to check to see what's effecting your actual fuel injected vs. Base Fuel Table amount to make sure the MAP table is the culprit? Even with the Blanking value increased, I'm still seeing a difference between base fuel and actual fuel injected, although the difference is smaller. Thanks, Jason