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Thread: Stalling Issues

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    Default Stalling Issues

    Hi. I have a '72 Dodge Charger with a 360 and had some issues a couple months ago with my Sniper system showing it was going very lean and then stalling out. I reinstalled the complete system and added the HyperSpark setup using the suggested spark plug wires and resistor type plugs. Timing was set Static Timimg and the Sniper was controlling it properly. I changed the PCV valve to a fixed orifice, and used a 1/2” spacer to compensate for having a dual-plane intake. I installed a fuel pressure gauge verifying that I have 60 psi. I cleaned up all wiring and ran it accordingly in proper looms and routed to cleaned switched sources. I used a relay/fuse box combo suggested here as well and all of that seemed to fix the issue.

    Drove it for the past couple months with no issues at all. Today it stalled out while driving. Fired right back up after sitting a second, but then stalled out a few more times as I got it home. I took a quick datalog to see if anyone could help make sense of what’s happening when it stalls out, but I’m not sure how to load it here. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Without data, we're just guessing. However, if it was running good beforehand, it's probably a failing WBO2 sensor or an exhaust leak upstream of the WBO2 sensor (since the fuel pressure is correct).
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    I was thinking that might be it. I have replaced it already once before, but just noticed a slight exhaust leak near the header collector on the opposite side of the sensor.
    Two questions, how do I go about attaching a datalog file here. And would an exhaust leak on the opposite side of the sensor cause the WBO2 sensor to fail? It does have a crossover H-pipe as well.

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    To attach a GCF downloaded from the ECU and a datalog here:
    Save the files from your SD card or (laptop if you used the laptop to record the information) to a .zip file in a location you'll remember. The easiest seems to save them on the desktop. Next open the Holley thread you want to attach them to. Start a reply and select the Advanced option at the bottom of the Reply window. That'll give you the option to select the Attach File button at the top of the Reply window. When you select the Attach option another window will open. You then follow the instructions in that window by attaching the .zip files you saved to your desktop.

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    Alright, I believe the file should be attached now in a zipped format. Thank you.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Where is the WBO2 sensor located in relation to the H-pipe?

    When it stalls, how does it stall? Like it's way too lean (just shuts off like you turned the key off) or too rich (chugs to a stop)?

    The datalog shows you're way too lean in a lot of places. Verify you do not have an exhaust leak that would be before the sensor. If you don't, I'd say start adding fuel in those areas and see what happens.

    You have several issues in that datalog that I have questions about. But first, do me a favor, have a helper turn the key on for a key on fuel prime cycle while you watch inside the throttle body for all for injectors to pulse. Does the pulse look the same for all for injectors?

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    Mopar, I'd really like to see your tune. I saw a couple of things that made me scratch my head a bit. As your engine was stalling (and was about 300 RPM) the timing jumped up to over 40° BTDC. It also looks like you were stepping on the throttle. This is a lot of timing for this operating area and may be part of your lean indication on acceleration. Your IAC looks to be incorrectly set, at the beginning of this datalog you're hot idling and it's a 0% a lot of the time. You also have a very low idle speed.

    Some specs on your engine would help as well. Looks like you have a healthy 360, but not to radical.

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    @ABC: The sensor is before the H-pipe on the driver side. I detected a leak on the passenger side that I’m in the process of fixing. It stalls without chugging, just stops running. I’ll have a helper determine how the injectors are pulsing and I’ll report back to you.

    @Silver: Not sure what all my tune entails, but I have It set as the 550 Sniper, 8 cylinder, 360, idle is at 620, Street/Strip cam, HyperSpark timing. AFR is 14.7 Idle, 14.0 Cruise, 12.9 WOT and -0.0 Target Boost AFR Offset.
    Reference Angle is 57.5.
    Rev Limiter is 20000.
    Inductive Delay is at 100.
    Acceleration Enrichment is 45.9.
    Fuel Prime is 150% & Multiplier is 5.
    Idle timing is 15°.
    Cruise timing is 33.5°.
    WOT timing 38.9°.
    Boost Timing Retard is 0.0°
    Cranking Timing is 15°.

    The engine is a 360 bored .060".
    With a 262°, 270° camshaft.
    218°, 224° at .050" 110° LSA.
    .462", .470" valve lift.
    Let me know if that helps
    And thank you both.

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    The idle AFR target is too lean. With TBI injection there are all kinds of distribution issues, so with a 14.7 Target AFR no doubt some cylinders are running way leaner. I'd bump it to 14.0 and reevaluate, then go leaner by one tenth until you start having stalling issues again. This is of course all predicated on the fact that your VE% Table is tuned well. If I can be of service with the tuning, please let me know. Andrew
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    @Andrew: I haven’t touched the VE% Table at all. Completely new at this so not sure how to. But definitely would welcome any advice.

    @ABC: The pulse is the same for all four injectors when primed.

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