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Thread: DBW pedal donor vehicle?

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    Default DBW pedal donor vehicle?

    Brand new to the forum here. I’ve got an '06 LQ4 (all stock) bolted into my 1983 GMC 2500. I bought the engine, harness, and accessories already pulled, but decided to control it with a Holley Terminator X Max setup. The gas pedal I got in my pile of parts may or may not have come from the same Suburban 2500 as the engine, but the pedal arm puts the actual pedal into my manual transmission tunnel. I have a pedal setup from a ‘98 Chevy 6.5, but would that void the Holley warranty? Is there another junkyard donor that will work in my square body?

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    The only pedal Holley supports is the 10379038 as seen in this LINK 2009-2014 Caddilac CTS-V. The C6 Corvette pedal should work, and a few others. -Greg

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    Came here hoping to learn there was a way around it, but I gave in and ordered a Caddy pedal. Thanks for the reply!

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    The 2009 Impala SS pedal also works. Andrew
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    Bumping this old thread just to add onto the last post. I got a CTS-V pedal, and the arm is metal. The Impala SS pedal is about 10 bucks cheaper, but it’s arm is plastic. Probably fine in most vehicles, just letting folks know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewb70 View Post
    The 2009 Impala SS pedal also works. Andrew
    The Grand Prix GXP/Monte Carlo SS pedal will work, but requires wire connector pin changes.
    That's the one I'm currently using in my build. Greg

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    Quote Originally Posted by radrace19 View Post
    The Grand Prix GXP/Monte Carlo SS pedal will work, but requires wire connector pin changes.
    That's the one I'm currently using in my build. Greg
    The Grand Prix pedal is the same as the Impala SS pedal and it works without modification.
    I never said anything about a Monte Carlo. Andrew

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    @andrewb70: You're correct about the wires. I pulled schematics for five of the below pedals. They're all the same pin-out & connector. It might have been a different pedal I tried first.

    I will say they are different part numbers. I work in the parts department at a large Chevrolet Performance dealer.
    The Grand Prix pedal is part number 25830024.
    25830024 - Fits 2004-2008 Grand Prix, and 2006-2007 Monte Carlo.
    84018392 - Fits 2009-2013 Impala, 2009 Buick Lacrosse, 2014-2016 Impala (carry over model).
    10379038 - Fits 2009-2014 CTS.
    19417903 - Fits 2005-2013 Corvette.
    22741799 - Fits 2010-2015 Camaro. -Greg

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    @radrace19: Good info there! Andrew

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