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Thread: Sniper MAP sensor issues.

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    Default Sniper MAP sensor issues.

    Over the last couple days we've had temps down into the single digits and a few dips below zero. Truck fires right up and runs great even at these temps, but on two occasions it suddenly stumbled on acceleration and continued to run poorly. Idled a couple miles home both times. I noticed the MAP sensor was stuck at a random number both times and never moved even after a key OFF/ON cycle. After the truck sat a few hours at home, it seemed to rectify itself. Anybody else have MAP sensor issues? Is the MAP replaceable?

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    Contact Holley Tech Service (LINK).

    Originally Posted by Danny Cabral
    Sniper EFI Replacement Sensors - Auto Parts Store
    CTS Sensor: Standard Motor Products TX3
    TPS Sensor: Standard Motor Products TH191
    IAC Motor: Standard Motor Products AC416
    WBO2 Sensor: Bosch 17025, 0258017025 (LINK/LINK/LINK/LINK)
    (The Sniper EFI 2 bar MAP sensor is internal with the ECU.
    The Sniper EFI IAT sensor is a circuit board sensor that measures one throttle bore.)
    Innovate Motorsports HBX-1 Heat-Sink Bung Extender is great for protecting the WBO2. (Sniper EFI Service Components)

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    Could it be that the port iced over? What's the MAT sensor reading when this happens?
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    Suppose it's possible. MAT temp was in the single digits when this occurred the first time and -5 the second time. Both times the truck started cold and ran fine. Drove 2-3 miles and let it idle for 10-15 minutes while I was attending to other business, and then happened shortly after I jumped back in and drove off. Once home I let the truck sit for an hour and it was working fine.

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    You'd need considerable condensation or water for icing to happen. In a different situation I have had air bleeds ice over on a carb.

    Do you recall what the MAT was after it idled for the 10-15 minutes?

    Do you start the engine in a warm garage then move it outside to the cold?

    I guess I should confirm the temperature scale you are using for the sub-zero temperatures, is it Fahrenheit or Celsius?

    If you could download your GCF from the ECU along with a datalog of the occurrence and post them here we will take a look.

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