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Thread: HyperSpark Timing Setting

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    Default HyperSpark Timing Setting

    I'm finishing a new install of a Sniper 4150 with HyperSpark CDI on a Buick Nailhead that's stock built. I've never worked with electronic ignition before. I want to know if the parameters for the initial setup is just mechanical timing, or also includes the vacuum advance settings. Thanks, Ray

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    The Holley EFI Base Timing Table is for Idle, Cruise, Deceleration, Acceleration, WOT & Vacuum Advance. (MAP kPa to inHg (vacuum gauge) to PSIG)
    Under 400 RPM (default "Crank-To-Run RPM" parameter), the ECU only uses the Cranking Timing, Cranking Fuel (lb/hr) & IAC Parked Position % tables.

    Originally Posted by Danny Cabral
    The Target Air/Fuel Ratio Table & Base Fuel/Timing Table (and MAP kPa & RPM axes/scales) should be configured using the Sniper EFI software: In the Sniper EFI software (LINK), Target Air/Fuel Ratio Table (Fuel ICF) & Base Timing Table (Spark ICF), select "2D Table" Type (not "Simple"). The Target Air/Fuel Ratio Table & Base Timing Table can then be properly configured & tuned for any engine. I always suggest taking notes of your current distributor's ignition timing specs/curves beforehand, and then program the Base Timing Table accordingly. (Sniper EFI Software & Holley 558-443 CAN/USB Dongle) (Sniper EFI Optional Comm/Data Cable Accessories)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's beneficial for allow the ECU to control the ignition timing. ECU controlled timing is preferred (because there are many ECU parameters/features that function off of the timing control), and use the MSD CD ignition box for increased spark energy.
    31x31 Base Timing Table,
    Idle Neutral Timing,
    Idle In-Gear Timing,
    Vacuum Advance,
    Cruise Timing,
    Deceleration Timing,
    Acceleration Timing,
    Wide Open Throttle,
    Idle Spark Control,
    Main Rev Limiter,
    2/3-Step Retards,
    General Timing Retards,
    Boost Timing Retards,
    N2O Timing Retards,
    Water/Meth Retards,
    Traction Control Retards,
    Transmission Torque Retards,
    Cranking Timing Retard,
    Knock Sensors & Max Timing Retard,
    IAT or MAT Modifier,
    Coolant Temp Sensor Modifier,
    Warning Enabled Timing Offsets,
    Individual Cylinder Timing Correction,
    Advanced ICF, etc.
    And I haven't even mentioned why a mechanical distributor (centrifugal & vacuum advance) can't do what an EFI distributor can!
    May God's grace bless you in the Lord Jesus Christ.
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    In addition to the software settings Danny noted above, you'll have to sync the timing with the HyperSpark using the Static Timing Set functionality on the handheld. Be sure to do that first. Holley has a nice video on how to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregs69rs View Post
    In addition to the software settings Danny noted above, you'll have to sync the timing with the HyperSpark using the Static Timing Set functionality on the handheld. Be sure to do that first. Holley has a nice video on how to do it.
    This is a very important step and should not be skipped! Andrew

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    If the Sniper is controlling the timing (not obvious from your post if you're controlling timing or not) then the sky is the limit. You have start retard, high speed retard, vacuum advance, temperature controlled timing retard or advance, etc. You said you have a Sniper and a HyperSpark CD box, but didn't say what type of distributor. If you have a conventional distributor, then it won't control the timing. If you installed a HyperSpark distributor, then the Sniper will control the timing. We'd need to know more to help you figure out what you're going to do.

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    Thanks to everyone’s replies. I forgot to state that I am using a HyperSpark distributor. Full control by the Sniper EFI. The settings I’m looking for are the initial values to get the unit operational, so I can start the car and than adjust the settings after the Sniper goes through the process. I guess my question is, do you need to factor in the vacuum advance, or is that taken care of by the Sniper programming? Ray

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    I already answered this in post #2. Since you don't understand the Base Timing Table, I suggest a remote tuning session: I'd contact Andrew B. @projectgattago, Chris Myer at or Richard Nedbal (FastManEFI) at

    Remember, the only thing this EFI system self-tunes, is the Base Fuel Table, via the Learn Table.
    You're responsible for everything else, especially the Target A/F Ratio Table & the Base Timing Table.
    A dynamometer is the only real way to determine the optimum ignition timing for your performance engine.
    Most people research it, or just "know" what their engine needs or likes. Especially if it's a popular engine. (Target A/F Ratio Table & Base Timing Table Reference)

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    @BulldogDriver: You have to program all of that in. Cranking Timing advance, idle timing, WOT timing, cruise timing, vacuum advance, high speed retard if you want it, timing adjustment for temperature, etc. It's all covered in the instructions and in the posts above.

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    Understand and thanks to everyone.

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