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Thread: Turbosmart Electronic Wastegate Control

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    Default Turbosmart Electronic Wastegate Control

    I should be receiving two 45mm electronic wastegates from Turbosmart soon. Wondering if anyone here has thought about a control strategy for them with a Holley Dominator yet since holley doesn't have a predefined ICF for them as of yet. Here's a PDF for specs & instructions:

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    I just looked through the instructions. The issue you have is that there isn't a way to setup an output in the Holley with PID controls. PID controls are necessary anytime that you're trying to control a function of a device to a preset point. For instance, common PID controls are applied to idle target speed, where PID parameters are used both on the IAC and the Idle Spark control control. Closed Loop operation also uses PID control to target a set A/F ratio.

    If you look in the Boost ICF, the Closed Loop Boost control would be your best option. Generally this is used to activate the boost solenoids to control the wastegate, but in your case they would be used to control the wastegate directly. Andrew

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    Thanks Andrew. Any thoughts on how to get 0-20 amps to the motor through an output?

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    Same as usual, use a relay. I'd use a solid state relay.
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    Andrew. I got this response elsewhere regarding the Boost ICF: Yes, Holley has PID Closed Loop control. The boost control targets are either manifold pressure or CO2 pressure (wastegate pressure) for the PID Closed Loop to work. You need the target to be based on wastegate valve position travel. The valve movement is indirectly related to manifold pressure. You're actually managing exhaust pressure which isn't linear to manifold pressure. This is why OEMs that use electronic wastegate control all monitor valve travel and use it as the target. I don't see how the existing V5 Holley EFI software can make it work without accounting for the valve travel position within the control routine.

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    Thanks for posting that. I wonder how other ECU companies are handling this? Andrew

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    I have a customer asking about using these as well and came across this thread. I saw that TurboSmart is also planning a control box so you can just use a PWM signal to control it. Not sure when that's coming. Still trying to figure this all out myself. Just thought this might be useful info.

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    Thanks for the input. Please post any info that you find and I'll certainly do the same.

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    I've been interested in this wastegate since it came out, so I emailed Holley tech support. This is the answer I got from them:
    "Engineering is currently working with TurboSmart on a solution for the new wastegate. They're still in the early stages of testing. It will be a while before anything is available. Thank You."

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