Hello. We have been asked to install a SmartWire Street system and an IQ3 dash in an Aussie muscle car. The parts were purchased by the owner and together with a few friends they started the install.

Somehow during the setup they have overwritten the default configuration with a blank setup. We are to connect the existing vehicle switches to the unit and do not have the switch panel used in a race car, rather are using the SmartWire switch module for all the inputs. I have to change a lot of the programming to suit this particular vehicle with Australian tail/indicator lights as well as reverse lights, etc.

What I was trying to find was the default configuration file that would have been loaded into the module from the factory so I can get it back in as a starting point. I could not find the default config file for the system on the website support area. If anyone can help out, it would be appreciated. Regards, Dave