Hi all. I'm currently experiencing issues with a lean WOT. I have tried different jetting, etc., but know real changes. I'm using Innovate WBO2 senors both sides and it has been giving a Lambda of .91 WOT. By playing with the jets I can get cruise down to .75 Lambda, etc., ruling out faulty sensors etc.

Engine SB Mopar LA 360-408, 605 HP reading Lambda of .91. (E85 fuel.)

Has anybody had the same problem and found any solutions?

Main Jet Primary - 98 + PV, Secondary -110 (blocked PV).
PV High flow 4 window 6.5, PVCR .076" I removed those jets, but didn't make any difference.
HSB .023"
Emulsion .029,blank,.029,bl,bl

Note: I did get my Lambda to .87 by jetting the front 110, which was way too rich on cruise.

I was thinking of using .150" needle & seat with a vacuum fuel pressure regulator. I worked out the area of .130" needle & seat and seems to small to support jets high 90s upwards. Thanks. Paul