I have the 4500 Stealth EFI connected to my Holley 7" Digital Dash and I can see everything that the ECU sees. I have the I/O harness connected as well. I want to be able to datalog from the dash everything I have connected via the I/O harness. My Digital Dash reads everything that's connected to the harness. If I datalog from the Digital Dash, I can only view it with the Sniper datalog software, but I can't see everything that's connected to the harness. I called Holley tech, and waited the 1:45 to get through. The tech guy said use the datalog viewer software that's located in the Tech Resource Library under "Holley EFI Digital Dashes". I asked him does it matter what firmware is in the dash and he said no it does not matter. Well, after the short five minute conversation with him, and him telling me he's 100% sure that's what I need to use to view the I/O stuff, HE was completely wrong and it did not work. It gave me the "Magic number not found." code which means wrong software. Who has done what I'm trying to do with success and how did you get it to work? I'm not apposed to running the Digital Dash in stand-alone mode with V4/V5 EFI software, I just want to be able to datalog my I/O stuff.