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    After running at the drag strip last week, we went to drive a bit. During hard acceleration the 3.5" TSLCD goes blank a second and then the message in the picture flashes. We had to record video and take a snapshot of the video to capture it. It say that "error on root folder open (e11)"no fwu files found". When looking at the card on the PC, the firmware file was there, but it was without an extension. So it could not be recognized, I presume. I went to the software downloads and got the SD card contents data and replaced the SD card contents including the FW file. It does the same thing again.

    During hard acceleration, when the screen goes blank momentarily, there's a big hesitation & backfire (not sure yet if through the exhaust or intake). I will check tonight. Running on easy acceleration it performs well. We have perhaps 500 miles on this setup and never had an issue with backfiring or screen issues.

    I was going to get a datalog, but it could not create the folder to make a datalog. Whatever that means. Of course, after shutting down and returning to the shop, in park, I tried again and could get the datalog working.

    FWIW, I was running it connected to the laptop and the hesitation and backfire happened the same way as the handheld. I'll get a datalog and Config File tonight, but I want to correct the screen going blank and whatever is causing that.

    I did not reload the Config File to the ECU. I only changed the SD card data. How do I fix the screen going blank, backfiring & hesitation? Are these one issue or several issues?
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    You may have a grounding issue. Under hard acceleration the engine is "torquing over" and it may temporarily break one of your grounds from the block to the firewall, chassis, alternator, etc. A datalog should tell the story and if it stops the datalog when it occurs this helps confirm that it is likely a wiring issue. The file message you get is, I believe, related to the Sniper re-setting. Are you using a splitter cable for the handheld and USB? That should not cause the flashing issue but may affect your ability to create datalogs.

    You may also want to re-seat the SD card in the handheld.

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    Looking at the wiring of the EFI, I don't see any grounds specific to the Sniper. Only the battery connections + & -. I'll recheck the engine grounds, I have two large ones. I'll try to datalog tonight and see if I can complete one. If the datalog stops wouldn't it not Save?

    I do not have a splitter. I unplug and plug each one when needed.

    I reseated the card after I redid the firmware update. The hesitation & backfire happens both with the handheld and when connected to the laptop. To me this indicates that the Sniper itself is restarting, correct?

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    I believe you're correct, the Sniper is restarting. I think that the datalog will still be saved even if it's having a hiccup. Also check plug wires to see if you have one that is loose at the plug or cap that is losing contact when the engine rocks around. Could even be an alternator lead making intermittent contact. I'll take a look at your datalog when you get it posted. We'll need your Config File as well.

    Check your motor mounts as well. Seems unlikely, but you never know.
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    @GPatrick: You were 100% correct. I had a couple power wires that were not tight and the starter relay bolt was not tight. I went around every electrical connection in the engine bay and tightened them. The blank screen, backfire and hesitation all are gone. I did a datalog of medium/hard acceleration, no issues that I could tell. If you could look at the datalog and let me know what you see, I'd be grateful.

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    At about 2.2 to 2.4 seconds you have a lean spike when you nail the throttle. It recovers pretty quickly, but there may be some work you can do in your Base Fuel Table in this area of low vacuum. The Overlay shows the area where it spikes and adding fuel in this area may be helpful. It appears that it's in Closed Loop. In this area on the Compensation Limits table, it's limited to 50% and it hits 50% when it goes lean. If you bump this area up to 100% in the Compensation Limits table it may help it keep up, but adding fuel in the Base Fuel Table is probably what's needed. I don't know all the Learn Table logic, but the Learn in this area is zero to small so the fast changing conditions may not be providing good ECU Learning data. The other option may be to make some adjustments in your AE TPS and/or MAP RoC tables to give it a little extra fuel. In one section, the TPS RoC shoot up to over 700 and I don't know if this is normal. You certainly nailed the throttle so maybe this is a real value.

    There are others that have much more tuning experience for these lean spike conditions so hopefully they can chime in. My best advice is to save this known tune and make small changes and save them to different file names so you don't overwrite a tune that at least lets you drive it. My next best advice is to mess with only one parameter at a time. If you make multiple changes in one session, you may not know which one is helping or hurting.

    I noticed in your setup for the HyperSpark that you have 100 microseconds for the Inductive Delay. Have you done a full distributor synchronization across the RPM range? It seems that 100 works for a lot of HyperSpark, but it's worth a try.

    Glad you got the reset issues resolved. I bet things move around a lot with that big engine in a relatively small car!

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