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Thread: Sniper EFI - '77 Ford 460

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    Motorcraft made a lot of weird stuff, most of it unsuccessful. I never worked with anyone from Motorcraft, but I'm sure I know exactly what the culture was like there! Most likely run by a very strong willed engineer who had a lot of weird ideas and refused to listen to anyone. Had just enough good ideas to keep from getting fired, but made enough bad designs to develop a reputation as a nut job.

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    This is what you need right there. I have the same stock iron intake and this will give space for the air/fuel mixture to go where it needs and clears the throttle plates. The design has a nice transition to the spread bores on the intake.

    If you want to go with an aftermarket, you might lose some hair going between single or dual-plane intakes. I know I did and decided to just keep the stock intake for now. Plus it makes the best low end torque over aftermarket intakes where top end power is what more people want.

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    Thanks a lot! That plate will solve the issue. The problem with aftermarket intakes is that a higher intake + the Sniper EFI + original air cleaner box = probably too tall. A thin adapter plate won't be a problem, there is clearance. This is going into a '77 Lincoln Continental, not a truck, so not a lot of room to spare. And low-end is important to me, this is a cruiser, not a racer.

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    The Mr. Gasket part in post 12 is not for the Lincoln spread-bore that you have - it is for a QuadraJet. This is from Mr. Gasket:

    The Mr. Gasket Carburetor Adapter Kit allows you to install a square flange carburetor like a Holley 4150, 4160, Edelbrock, Carter AFB, etc., onto a QuadraJet or Thermoquad 4-barrel spread-bore intake manifold. And yes, it works in reverse. Just flip it over, and it allows you to install a spread-bore carb onto a square bore intake manifold. This die-cast aluminum spacer is 3/4 inch thick with an open center. Installs very simply between the intake manifold and carburetor. Gaskets, studs, nuts and washers are included.

    The only one I was able to was the part I referenced from Summit.

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    Ford made millions of 429/460 engines and most of them came with a 4BBL. You should be able to buy a cast iron 429/460 intake with a 4150 bolt pattern for $25. People give those things away. If you want to switch to aluminum then just look for an intake with stock height. A Performer should be close to stock height and there might be others. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes on a Ford forum to either find a stock cast iron intake for sale or find the info you need. Here's one on ebay:

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    GPatrick does have a point. It happens to work fine for me, but not like I have a camera in there and can see what's happening, LOL.
    Here's a photo of what it looks like on the intake. It's not a match made in Heaven, but worked to clear the valves.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    That setup would be a mess. Don't run an open spacer on top of a dual-plane. The OP just needs to buy a different intake manifold.

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    Okay, so I went and did some learning so I don't contribute misinformation.
    There were five different non-Boss 385 Series pattern intakes in regards to carb mounting according to a Ford forum veteran I asked.
    #1 Standard Holley/ Autolite/Motocraft 2BBL (370 & 429)
    #2 QuadraJet spread-bore pattern (429 only)
    #3 Standard square bore pattern (Holley 4150/60 Motorcraft 4300/4300A, etc.) (370, 429, 460)
    #4 Motorcraft spread-bore pattern (Motorcraft 4300D, 4350) Same bolt pattern as the square-bore intake, but different venturi pattern. Venturi & bolt pattern is not the same as the QuadraJet. (429 & 460)
    #5 EFI, different bolt pattern than all other intakes.
    Can't speak to the years or if applicable to car/truck applications of these types.
    This helped with confusion of QuadraJet and the spread-bore pattern I had. (LINK)
    I went ahead and ordered a proper adapter to swap that GPatrick linked.

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